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Welcome to iCalculator™ JE, your comprehensive suite of free tax calculators for Jersey. iCalculator™ has provided free tax calculators for Jersey since 2019. Since those early days we have extended our resources for Jersey to includes Tax Guides, Tax Videos and enhanced the tax calculators and supporting tax information. The Jersey Tax Calculator and salary calculators within our Jersey tax section are based on the latest tax rates published by the Tax Administration in Jersey. In this dedicated Tax Portal for Jersey you can access:

Jersey Tax Calculator 2024/25

The Jersey Tax Calculator below is for the 2024 tax year, the calculator allows you to calculate income tax and payroll taxes and deductions in Jersey. This includes calculations for

  1. Employees in Jersey to calculate their annual salary after tax.
  2. Employers to calculate their cost of employment for their employees in Jersey.
Jersey Tax Calculator 2024
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Advanced Jersey Salary Calculator

Discover Jersey

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, located in the English Channel near the coast of Normandy, France. It is a British Crown dependency, but it is not part of the United Kingdom. Jersey’s closest neighbors include France to the east and the United Kingdom to the north. Discover more about these regions: France and United Kingdom.

Jersey boasts a unique cultural heritage influenced by both British and French cultures. English is the predominant language, but the regional language, Jèrriais, a form of Norman French, is also spoken by some locals. The island is known for its picturesque landscapes, historical castles, and beautiful beaches. Traditional festivals, local seafood cuisine, and dairy products, particularly the famous Jersey cow milk, play a significant role in the island's culture.

The economy of Jersey is highly developed and service-oriented. A key sector is international financial services, including banking, fund management, and trust and company administration services. This sector benefits from the island's stable government, comprehensive regulatory framework, and tax neutrality. Tourism is another important economic contributor, with visitors attracted to Jersey’s scenic beauty, heritage sites, and cultural festivals. Agriculture, once the mainstay of the economy, still plays a role, with Jersey Royals (potatoes) and dairy products being notable products.

Jersey’s economic model is characterized by its high standard of living, low unemployment rates, and a focus on quality rather than quantity in its key sectors. The island's government continues to focus on sustaining a stable and competitive economy while preserving its natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Tax overview of Jersey

The tax system in Jersey is distinct, featuring various types of taxation relevant to individuals and businesses. One of the key components is personal income tax, which is levied on the income of residents. The system is progressive, with higher rates applied to higher income levels. Corporate tax applies to company profits, with certain exemptions and lower rates for specific types of businesses. Jersey is known for its attractive corporate tax structure, particularly for financial services and international businesses.

Additionally, Jersey imposes Goods and Services Tax (GST) on most goods and services supplied in Jersey for domestic use, including imports. Property taxes and stamp duties are also part of the tax landscape. The tax regime in Jersey is designed to support public services and infrastructure, while also maintaining a business-friendly environment that attracts international investment.

For residents and businesses in Jersey, understanding local tax laws is essential for compliance and effective financial planning. The government offers various incentives and exemptions to promote economic development. For the latest information on Jersey's tax regulations, including the most current tax tools and tables, visit our comprehensive tax hub and calculator, a valuable resource for navigating the complexities of taxation in Jersey.