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At iCalculator™ JE, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and user-friendly tax calculators, guides and tools tailored for Jersey. Our suite of calculators, provided direct from this Tax Hub, is designed to assist both individuals and businesses in navigating the complexities of the tax system in Jersey with ease and accuracy. Whether you're calculating personal income tax, exploring corporate tax obligations, or seeking to understand VAT implications, our tools are here to simplify the process.

Our Range of Tax Calculators and Tools

Browse our extensive list of tax calculators, guides and tools to find the perfect solution for your needs. Each calculator is regularly updated to reflect the latest tax rates and regulations, ensuring you have the most current information at your fingertips. Our tools cover a wide array of tax-related areas and matters in Jersey, including those listed below.


  1. New: Indicates that this contains new content or is a new resource on iCalculator™ JE and was launched within the past 30 days
  2. Updated: Indicates that this resource on iCalculator™ JE was updated within the past 60 days, typically indicating an update in the annual tax tables

Each resource is designed with simplicity and precision in mind, allowing you to obtain the tax information you need without any hassle. Detailed instructions and guidance are provided with each tool to help you every step of the way.

Tax Years Supported by iCalculator™ JE

The following tax years are supported and integrated with the tax tools and resources on iCalculator™ JE. Select a specific tax year to see the information included. If you would like additional information integrated, alternate tax years or feel their is information which requires amending then please get in touch.

Why Choose iCalculator™ JE?

Our commitment to accuracy and ease of use makes iCalculator™ JE an invaluable resource for anyone dealing with tax matters in Jersey. Whether you're a professional accountant, a business owner, or an individual taxpayer, our tools are crafted to assist you in making informed financial decisions and staying compliant with Jersey tax legislation.

Explore iCalculator™ JE and discover how to streamline your tax calculations and planning today!